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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As all of us know,
  1. Shankukarna was cursed by Brahma when he delayed bringing flowers from Kishkinda (modern day Hampi and Anegundi) for the pooje. 
  2. He then took birth as Prahalada
  3. The second avatar was as Bahlika Raja
  4. the third Vyasaraja  great saint of Madhva Order  and the 
  5. fourth was Raghavendra Swamy. 

In his second Incarnation as Bahlika Raja, he took the side of the Kauravas against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war. Historians have roughly traced this destructive war to 3067 BC and it was fought in what is today knows as Haryana.

There are several mentions about Bahlika Pradesh and Bahlika Raja in the Mahabharata. The Bahlika Raja we are referring to here was the brother of Shantanu. He had performed the samarpana of “Kanaka Ratha”(golden chariot) to Pandavas when Yudhistara performed the Rajasuya Yagna. He was known for his righteousness and sense of dharma.
Since he was related to both the Pandavas and the Kauvras, he was present during all the major events that took place in Hastinapur, including the arrival of Kunti with the Pandavas, dice game and planning of the Kurukshetra war.
Bahlika Raja was an expert in Gaada Yudha (mace fight) and he was also among the many commanders of the Kaurava army. Bheesma rated him and his son highly. As he had to side with Bheesma, he had to stand against the Pandavas and also fight them.
As he was an expert mace fighter besides being one of the cpommanders of the Kauvrava Army, he came to be pitted against Bheema, the foremost mace fighter of the time. Bheema was so well known for his way with the mace that even Duryodhana who was equally adept at wielding the mace, ranked Bheema as the greatest mace warrior ahead of such persons as Balarama.
Please remember one thing here. Balhika Raja was a Vaishnava King and the Kurukshetra war brought about a divide between kingdoms, religions and even relatives. A majority of the Vaishnavas joined hands with the Pandavas to fight Duryodhana and his Kaurava army. The only exception perhaps was Balhika Raja.
Bahlika Raja wanted to die at the hands of  Bheema. But this chivalrous Pandava said he could kill only in combat and that too in a fair fight. He also said he would not hit the first blow and asked Bahlika to start the fight. Thus Bahkila Raja took on Bheema. Though the result of the battle was a forgone conclusion, we can only surmise that Bahlika either lifted the mace against Bheema 732 times or hit him so many times. In the end, an aged Bahlika fell to Bheema. He was the only Vaishanava that Bheema killed, the rest were all Kshatriyas. To Bheema also goes the credit of killing Duryodhana and all of his brothers.
The last rites of Bahlika were performed by Dritharashtra 


Coming back to the issue, raising weapons against God is a sin and more so against the Pandavas. A repentant Bahlika was born several thousands of years later as Vyasaraja. He perhaps had to wash away the stain of having raised a mace against Bheema, an avatar of Hanuman. He thus consecrated  732 Hanuman dieties  in his avatar as Vyasaraja  through out the southern parts of India as Follows