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As all of us know,
  1. Shankukarna was cursed by Brahma when he delayed bringing flowers from Kishkinda (modern day Hampi and Anegundi) for the pooje. 
  2. He then took birth as Prahalada
  3. The second simultaneously avatars are Bahlika Raja and satyaki
  4. the third Vyasaraja  great saint of Madhva Order  and the 
  5. fourth was Raghavendra Swamy. 

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Anus&lva, younger brother of Salva, on account of former enmity to Krishna, came thither^ fell upon them by stealth, seized, bore off, and made fast the horse; then, set around it his immense army in eagle-array^^^ fixed an arrow on his bow, and himself standing in front, thus addressed
Sudh&ra, his faithful minister : —

" Most assuredly I will make the butter-thief who slew my elder brother, and burnt up our city Soubha, as though the freshest quick lime were thrown into his glutted paunch, and water poured upon it; bring down the valourous pride of the Y&davas and F&ndus; and, in battle, greatly distress my fbes. Will an enemy pass before me and live ? Let the army stand prepared !

Is he fit for my service who does not this day come fof- tvard and slay the cowherd ? Doubtless he is my trusty friend who stands to the fight, and contends with the paramour of the cowherds* wives. Amongst my adherents I will not take notice of any past crime, or future treason; hut bestow freehold villages, elephants, horses, herds of cattle, wealth, damsels, and every other gift."

The haughty Anusalva thus fired the resolution of his troops. Sudh&ra, his minister, eagerly proclaimed it throughout the whole army ; and, immediately the sounds of every kind of
instruments, with the shouting of the mighty warriors, surpas-sed the thunders of the fierce lightning of the deluge-clouds, and the loud roaring of the boiling seas' huge billows at the destruction of all things.

At the suddennesjs with which Anus&lva fell upon them unawares on one side, and dragged off the horse on the other, the crowd of females was scattered far and wide ; the Munis all were terrified ; the people shook with fear ; the king was much distressed ; the rest^ 9,mazed^ cried out, "What prodigy is this!" The Slayer of the demons then shook his head, and, with chagrin, addressed the mighty heroes : — -

"This is Anus&lva. Formerly I slew his elder brother. Enraged at this, in eagerness to show his might against me, he has gathered a vast army, fearlessly entered a foreign land, and seized this horse of ours. What have we now to boast of?

Bravo ! demon ! '* Thus the Yellow-robed extolled him.

" Whosoever of all these warriors are heroes who can vanquish him, release and bring the horse, this betel i« for them. Let those who can complete the task accept it." At Krishna's speech, the valiant warriors, afraid, were silent. On which Pradyumna, falling at Krishna's feet, " I will fetch the
«plendid horse and give it you ; if not, I will sink*^ to the fearful fate of a pubescent female's husband*®," he said, received the betel, and permission to depart.

Then Vrishakfetu, prostrating himself at the delicate feet of Krishna^ with joined hands entreated him, '^ My lord ! hear me ! If I do not seize, in battle, the scoundrel Anus&lva, and lay him at your feet, I will sink to the lot of him who has in anger slain a bramin. Give me commission! " The Lily-eyed then took, embraced him, gave the betel, and dismissed him.

Having fixed (to the car) his fish-bearing standard^^ which conquers the most rigid ascetics, harnessed his steeds that far surpass the lightning's pace, and yoked his lofty car that by its dazzling blaze of gold and jewels mocks the solar orb, Pradyumna prepared for mighty conflict, stationed his chario- teer, himself ascended, took his bow, and, high elate, advanced to battle.

Anusfelva saw him. "What warrior is this who now advances to the fight ? Were it Krishna, a fish would not be on his standard. This must be his son. Let him come here. I'll fell him to the ground." Saying which, he put his army back, and confrotited the son of the Lotus-eyed. Fradyumna then
fixed his five afrows on his bow^ drew^ and shot at the demoil.

" Why so impetuous ? 1 am not one who curbs his passions^^ I am not parted frorii my spouse. Why now this shooting of the five love-inciting shafts? I have no bow of sugarcane, bowstring of bees, and arrows of various flowers, to fight with you^*. See now my one fierce dart 1 " This said, Anusklva
shouted, drew, and shot at the son of the Immutable.

Hear, O lord of earth ! The dart transfixed his breast; and, through thd pain, Fradyumna swooned. Immediately the charioteer brought the car to the place where Krishna stood; who, when he saw him, said, "To day my son, with valiant might, has slain his foe, and fainted ! So, you have come, you
braggart! What shall I do with you?" and, with his left foot, kicked him.

"How will you enter Dwfiraka in presence of the women! I cannot tell you to be off to tbe forest ; the Munis there will not receive you^^. Undone, whose town soever you enter,' — a forsaken, worthless fellow, — nobody v?ill have any thing to do vdth you. Henceforth, who will give you sheltet? If you
think of your relative B4na, your utter destroyer, Shiva, is there. So incorporeality is your only refuge^*.*' Thus Krishna reviled his son.

" Is your son defeated by this scoundre}, that you kick him with your foot ? Enough ! Send to the son of Karoa an army of reserve," said Bhima. " Do you go, th^n,'* Krishna replied. Eejoicing, " the victory is mine !'' the son of the wind shouted so as to shake the four quarters, fixed an arrow on his
bowstring, drew, discharged, and fell upon the foe's battalions.

Seeing Bhima*s impetuosity, Vrishak^tu, smiling, said, " A new thing is come over Bhima to day ! O sire ! Do fathers seek their children's wished-for fruit? This battle is my proper portion. Tell me ! Is it fit that you, through greediness, should come for it?" Bhima replied, " My child ! and does the
father grasp the shining fruit, devour it himself, and not give it to his child to eat ? I came to show you how to fight."

Vrishak^tu smiling, twanged his bow, and attacked the hostile army. As he shouted with the voice of thunder, and — like lightning falling on a forest — rent the necks of the opposing warriors, the dashing and spirting streams of blood shone radiant to the eye. The arrows falling on the army darkened the eight quarters. What shall I say ? The streaming blood became an overflowing river.

" He who upon his ensign bears a fish, defeated by me, fled. Who is this whose standard is the bull ? 'Tis not the worthless cowherd." Thus spoke Anusklva; and, enraged, rained down a shower of darts upon him. "Show now your utmost might against me," the son of Kama said ; and overwhelmed
his chariot with newly whetted arrows.

The shafts transpierced, and flew heyond his body. A moment Anus&lva was unconscious; then came to himself; and, with an arrow, pierced the sou of Kama's breast. With the deadly wound he fainted, closed his eyes, and sunk down in his chariot. Seeing him, Bhima, filled with rage, came up ; and,
with his powerful club, crushed Anus&lva's car.

The steeds fell dead. The charioteer was slain. The car was battered. Anusdlva leapt from off it. His army, crowding, fell on Bhima with every kind of weapon. The eight quarters* elephants sunk down. The neck of the serpent king gave way. The earth was split in two, and widely yawned. " Begone ! " the powerful hero Bhima cried, and smote them with his monstrous club.

Before he was dishonoured*^, fighting, be seized the cars of the renowned warriors that came within his reach, and dashed them to the ground ; he killed ; he overthrew ; he beat ; he kicked. Seizing, and dragging them by their trunks, he threw about the elephants. He deluged the earth with blood. In
the contest, he blew, and sent them flying by his breath ; and, amongst the enemy's force, raised heaps of corpses.

The infantry he threw down; pounded, and stamped them with his heel. The numerous cavalry he beat into a mass. The elephants he raised into the air, and dashed them to the ground. The chariots he smashed. Can any meet and fight with the son of the wind in battle? The army, in half a minute,
was annihilated. Anusklva, raining on Shima a shower of arrows, advanced in a new chariot, and put forth all his strength.

As Anus&lva shot at him, Bhima, seizing his club that resembled the staff of the god of death, sprung forward, and approached. Anus41va drew an arrow back to his ear, discharged, and shouted. The arrow pierced his breast ; and as Bhima swooned and fell, the Immutable, seeing it, and knowing
that the demon would not be defeated by the rest, himself advanced, with rage, to battle.

I will fetch the horse," Kandarpa^y proudly, said, and, at one place, impetuously advanced. At the same time, S&mba, Kritawarma, Gada, S&.tyaki, and the chief Yadu warriors marched towards the hostile force. As the car of Him whose standard bears the serpents' foe^s came forward, Anusdlva,
knowing him to be Krishna, who, with his discus that obscures the solar blaze, effaced the demon name, — ^loudly shouted.

'' These are not horses ; but flashes of the gleaming lightning. These are not the sounds of chariot wheels; but roaring thunders. This is not the bow that Vishnu holds; but the shining bow of the King of the gods. These are not fierce arrows ; but the drops of pouring rain^^. This is not Krishna ;
but a beautiful dark cloud." So one might say as Krishna appeared to battle. Seeing him, Anus&lva, like the fearless lion^, opposed him.

Seeing Krishna eagerly approaching, *• This is the foe who killed my elder brother. I'll slay him," Anus&lva said ; and, with four arrows, struck the Immutable's four horses. They, at the darts' sharp wound, regardless of the charioteer, left the battle, and ran aside. Anusdlva, not seeing before
him the chief of the Yadu race, was grieved, and thus addressed his people : —

" Have my followers suffered by my withholding their pay ? Have the people in my empire been distressed by my neglect of government ? Have the married women of the land, through excessive lusf, committed adultery ? Has the property of those who died childless come into my treasury^* ? Alas ! What is the cause why Krishna, my foe who came to battle, is not visible ? This is a new thing, that I cannot get revenge.

Mean time, having quieted the horses, Krishna made a sign to the charioteer ; and as he shouted, and shot the arrow that he had fixed on his bow and raised to his cheek, he came in front of Anus&lva ; who^ seeing him advance^ '' What is the use of coming eagerly to fight with me^ and deceiving me in battle^^ ? Oppose me and see/' he said^ drew^ and shot.

With a rising smile^ the Mountain-bearer said^ ^^I fear to oppose you ! Though wearied with destroying the demon race in battle^ I cannot get rid of the business/' drew^ and discharged.
Bearing it^ Anus&lva fixed an arrow on his bow^ drew with all his mighty and smote his wide and shining breast^ like light- ning falling on the Black mountain^^. The Foe of demons fainted.

Beholding the Lotus-eyed^ the charioteer turned the chariot round. The confusion of all the Y&davas was great. The multitude of the city-people^ afirighted^ crowded the roads leading to the lofty gates, and rushed into the city. The king^ amazed, stood still. The female flock surrounded Krishna.
Amongst them, Satyabh&md, laughing, said : —

"Alas ! What will not the enemy do now that they know the amount of your might who went forth to meet the demon, gave your Kfe in battle^, and ran back again ? In the pride of valour you disgraced Pradyumna. Who, in the world, will henceforth celebrate *your praise ? 1 know no prowess equal
to yours!" Thus Satyabhfime, laughing^ keenly reproached her lord.

He opened hi* eyes ; and, abashed by the speech of his wife, his heart sunk within him ; his eyeballs reddened ; his wrath was stirred ; and as he looked about him to the right and left, and again prepared for battle ; here Yrishak^tu stood, and, thwarting Anus&lva, ^* If I permit you to survive as a hero who to day has driven off Krishna, am I the son of Kama? Stand!'* he said, drew, discharged, and shouted.

"Because he boasts himself of the valour that slew a woman®^, the might that defeated a cartas, the lofty heroism that killed an ox^^ and an ass^, and the prowess that smote a bird^5 and a snake^o, is he therefore a hero in battle ? A cow- herd. Have I the power to turn him aside in the field of battle ?
What is your wish ? You come to provoke me," Anus&lva said, drew, and shot at him.

*' You scoundrel ! What though you don*t know him, the Immutable is known to be the Preserver of the univferse^i. In a disguised form, enraged, will he not certainly and severely j^unish the wicked? An eyefly lightly upon knd harasses the fiercest elephant, you know ! Will the desttoyet of the demon tac6 trembk at you, though daring ? Forsooth ! See ! I am no tnan of might to provoke you* Enough I " the son of Kama said, drew, and shot.

Cutting in pieces the son of Karna*s shafts, Anus&lva showered down newly whetted arrows; the lustre of whose beautiful golden wings distressed the sky. Destroying them all in a moment, Vrishak^tu returned the discharge. *Twa8 a dreadful sight ! Hear, O king ! It is beyond my power to describe. 'Twas as though there was not room in the heavens for the fierce darts.

Except the convex form, who could distinguish the bow, the drawing, fixing, and shooting of the arrows^^ ? The eight quarters of the sky were filled with darts. Anus&lva fainted. His forces were slain. Then Vrishak^tu, taking his bow, went to Anus&lva*8 car ; and, dragging it, came, placed it at Krishna's lotus-feet, and saluted him with joined hands.

Krishna applauded, and clasped him in his arms. The king embraced, kissed, and honored him. Arjun and the rest depreciated their own prowesses. The women praised him, " What though there be amongst these warriors many who eat and play?^^ this is a man!" And all the people said^
'^ According to his promise^ the son of Kama has played at ball with the heads of his enemies^ seized, and delivered up the foe."


RAyaru summoned his closest disciples and divan Venkanna and told them of his intention to enter a brindAvana live in manchAle. The devotees were devastated but they could not change his  decision since it was Divine will. They wanted to know what was special about ManchAle. RAyaru explained the spiritual significance of manchAle as follows:

prahlAda had performed a large yagna in that spot, sanctifying it forever. MantrAlayAmbika or manchAlamma was his kula devata. In dvApara yuga, when arjuna was guarding the horse used in the ashvamedha yAga being conducted by dharmarAja he had to fight with a king called anusAlva in Manchale. By accident, anusAlva’s chariot was positioned over the yagya kunda used by PrahlAda, making him invincible. Perplexed by this, Arjuna prayed to Krishna for guidance. Krishna told him to move his chariot back a little. AnusAlva thought arjuna was losing and so advanced to chase him. By doing so, he moved his chariot away from the auspicious spot and lost the battle immediately. Such was the power of the spot on which prahlAda had performed his yAga.

Venkanna had a beautiful garbha-guDi (sanctum sanctorum) built around the yagya spot, adjacent to manchAlamma’s temple. He also had a brindAvana built for RAyaru. But RAyaru did not want to use that and asked him to reserve it for a future personality. He then took Venkanna to a remote spot and showed a black rock. He wanted his brindAvana to be built using the rock. When venkanna wanted to know the significance of the rock, RAyaru explained “While searching for sIta, Lord rama came here. He rested on this rock for a while. Since it has been sanctified by His touch, this rock is the one I want”. The brindAvana built under Venkanna’s guidance was used for Sri  vAdIndara tIrtha at a later date. 

At a suitable time and muhurta, RAyaru chose a worthy person from his disciples and gave him sanyAsa with the AshramanAma of YogIndra tIrtha. He instructed Venkanna, the maTha administrators, his disciples and the people of manchAle to accord Sri YogIndra tIrtha the same respect that they had accorded him so far.